Here you can discover more about the services offered by AMI Air Menzies International GmbH.

Airport 2 Door

Our Airport 2 Door service includes standard customs clearance and delivery. Other location-specific costs, including customs and taxes, will be charged to the consignee, or you should ask for a quotation, depending on the Incoterms involved.


Door 2 Door

AMI's Door 2 Door service includes collection and delivery, export customs clearance, the airfreight transportation, and standard customs clearance in the destination country.


Back 2 Back

The Back 2 Back service is ideal for a shipment that you do not wish to be made part of a consolidation shipment. Your House AWB will be booked on a separate Master to any of the over 700 locations that we offer through our partner airlines. The AWB can be addressed directly to your agent. This service is available from Frankfurt Airport, and, on application, from other airports in Germany. 


Our Consolidation service consolidates airfreight shipments to over 200 destinations worldwide. Through pre-booked capacity we receive competitive rates, available from Frankfurt Airport. Charges Collect is also available for many destinations. Our guaranteed neutrality and solid reliability through monitoring are further hallmarks of this service.

Charges Collect available for many destinations

Charges collect is ideal when the clearance and freight costs are to be paid by the consignee rather than the shipper. AMI Air Menzies International GmbH offers a COD service for numerous destinations.


Documentation and other Services

AMI Air Menzies International GmbH also offers documentation and other services. Please contact us for further details.



If you wish to arrange transportation between third countries, then our Crosstrades service provides everything you need.